there was this girl i went to highschool with that i saw pretty often on the bus or train

i don't think i ever talked to her

i remember her telling a bunch of us in juniour high though about a terrible disease her mom had

and one time waiting for the bus telling her friend that she thought that every teenage girl should have an older lover because it helps them to mature, and that she would be happy if her teenage daughter did and she didn't understand what the big deal some people were making about it

one day i was sitting on the bus

and there were no seats left

and she got on

stood beside me for a second

looked at me

then sat on my lap

for about a minute

then turned around and looked at me

for a few seconds

said "sorry"

and stood back up

i didn't say anything

anyway, the point of this is

that almost everyday i would see the same jim morrisson quote written on the back of her bag

"when you die will your life have been interesting enough to make a movie out of?"

or something to that effect

and i always wanted to stop her

and say well, shit a talented person

could make a good movie out of anyone's life

they could make it out of any five minutes of anyone's life

and that's all i really wanted to say to her, ever

and i never thought of her once since high school

last night i dreamt we got married

it was warm and sunny

there were flowers in her black hair

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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