these words are a gun with one remaining bullet

and you are a fat businessman with an even fatter wallet

these words will make you sing

these words will cure the sick

the blind will see

the crippled will walk

these words will raise the dead from their graves

even as they turn your immortal soul mortal

and it dies a thousand painful deaths inside your chest

these words will bring a tear to the eye of the most cold-hearted murderers

these words will bring a smile to the face of grieving parents, whose youngest child has just drown in the neighbour's outdoor pool

if the dogs could understand them, they'd tear out their masters' throats

these words will be your heart, their rhythm will move your blood, long after your first heart is stilled

these words will end oppression, starvation, war and all causes of mass suffering

these words will give you whiter teeth, and a slimmer figure

these words will buy you dinner and drinks

these words will kill the one who stole your true love, while you are there to hear the screams

these words will free all the animals in all the zoos

these words will sleep beside your corpse until the neighbours call the police because of the smell and they come and find you, shocked that no one had realized you'd been dead in your basement for weeks already

these words will dance with you

these words will not fuck you, but they will kiss you one thousand times all over

these words will make you want to kill all the romantics, the poets and the musicians

these words whisper

these words want revenge

these words will laugh at your attempts to do anything meaningful

these words will take you far from this planet and leave you desperate to get back

if only so you can feel the rain fall on your body once again

these words will be everything you've lost

these words love you

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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