i couldn't live

without it

i couldn't live

so i died

tonight this boy was in a contest

to drink a pitcher of beer

with two other boys

at the punk rock show

and after he lost

he started vomiting

this powerful spray all over the place

and he walked back to his chair

with two more enormous vomits on the way

and he sat down for about two minutes

and stood up again

and started jumping up and down

in front of the stage again

there is nothing prettier than a boy

dancing in his own puke

a. "david usher's greatest hits"

c. "holy shit, david usher has a greatest hits album?"

k. "holy shit, someone bought david usher's greatest hits album?"

let me be your sabbath

your lazy holy day of rest and worship

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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