once this girl was driving me someplace

and she had on the classic rock station

for some fucking reason

and that lenny kravitz song where he's like

"i wish i could fly

really high

in the sky

like a dragonfly"

or words to that effect

and he rhymes sun and one and fun, too

came on and she said that she hated it

when singers did that

just rhymed stupid words that were so obvious and didn't even bother trying to make it mean anything

and i my first thought was to tell her

"you should let songs like that make you cry

or your tear ducts'll burst and spill blood 'til you die

and if no one buries your body it's gonna learn how to fly

'cause there's nothing inside you, your corpse'll float up to the skies

it'll be another pink cloud aglow as the sun starts to rise"

but then i thought she might not get it

and the rhythm wasn't quite right off the top of my head

so i said something like

"yeah, it's pretty lazy songwriting"

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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