yeah tonight i saw elvis costello

at the folk fest and he was pretty great

the man has a voice and he has a way with words

and a way with a melody

you know?

and maybe i took some good pictures

or maybe i took some shitty pictures

i don't really care either way

my best friend is such an amazing photographer

that i don't even bother trying

i bought the very last ticket to the saturday folk fest

and if you're going on saturday

you should hang out with me

cause i have no friends on saturday

i met this girl tonight in the beer gardens

and she said she would sit with

my friend and i during the music

but then i left to go to the bathroom

and came back after arguing my way

past the woman at the gate telling me i should wait in line again

and she was talking to this guy about

the book jonathan livingston seagull

and how great of a book it was

and i said i read that book

it's a piece of shit

(there is no need to explain or discuss why

it's just fucking terrible, obvious, and retarded bullshit with no truth to it

written at a seven year old's level

when no seven year old would ever want

to read anything that fucking boring)

and so she decided to sit with this guy

who liked jonathan livingston seagull too

instead of us

so i got her to give me a nectarine.

i gave half the nectarine to this girl sitting beside us

when we got back to our spot

and stuck the sticker on my friend

and i was so happy to be drunk

and looking up at the trees moving with the wind

and listening to beautiful music

sitting in the grass beside my friend

eating a nectarine

it's rare that my heart feels good like that

it doesn't right now

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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