i want to make a movie about true love

the first scene of the movie would be

a close up of a man's face while a

woman's voice tells him how she thinks

she's madly in love with someone else named adam

and that adam proposed to her and that

she thinks he's the one and that she's going to say yes and

marry him

she takes a while to say it

with a lot of long out of place and strange pauses between words and sentences

like maybe she's nervous about telling him this

the man's face makes strange expressions

while she explains this to him

and he answers with oks, uh-huhs and sighs that

seem kind of difficult for him to get out

but sometimes he seems happy about what she tells him

other times, pained

finally he tells her he's really happy for her, but he seems unsure

and the camera pans down from his face

we see that she's been sucking him off the whole time she's been talking

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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