i hold your naked body, not like an apple i'm ready
to devour, but like the clouds hold the moon at night - it is
soft, it is good, we can scratch each other where it itches
and you can hold me down, or hold me up, just keep me close.

when we wake up naked together i look at your eyes
and your smile and i see last night's dreams, and i see the
stars that were in last night's sky and i know that the day
will unfold slowly, which is just fine - breakfast can wait a while.

when you undress i always watch and i wonder if you
can hear my heart beating so loud from across the room
as my eyes slowly rediscover your body and its curves

you are beautiful like autumn when you're undressing, your
feet, your hair, everything between them as bright as the moon
, my love, and i will cherish you like a flower in bloom

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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