it is easier to be kind when you are the worst and hated

it is easy to be peaceful when the prisons are all full

piles of bodies will not flow downhill

they get too tangled

well we'll walk

he looked at his watch

and struck this seventeen year old

boy across the face. then, as

the boy fell he brought his knee

hard into his cheek

then he picked up his limp body

and threw him down the stairs

the boy's friend walked over

and said 'what the fuck? you can't

just do that' and the cop shrugged

and he said 'i want your badge number'

the cop said 'i don't have to give

it to you' and so he said 'well

i'll just write down your car

number anyway' and the cop said

'fine' and told him the badge number

when the boy beaten by the cop

regained consciousness

him and his friends left

bought a forty of rum and went to

another party where he got in another

fight and got the shit beat out

of him again

the next day he was black-eyed and

swollen-jawed while

his dad laughed at him

for being an idiot and a pussy

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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