if only i was the moon i would be full every night to brighten your skies
and if i was only seventeen i would still be pure and sweet
and strong for you and if i could sing i would scream notes
like sparks bright and holy and clean for your ears dear.

and if i was a miracle then we would be sisters bringing
hope to the poor and courage to the weak and they would grit their
teeth and get their nerve and get ready to ring the bells and
we would watch them and smile -
if a holy moment could smile.

all i am is drowning, though, and i have to wonder how long i'll
last, so i'll be what i can for you while i still have my head
on your chest, my hands on your spine and your voice in my mind:

i will bring you flowers when you're bleeding and i will keep
you warm and safe wrapped in my legs and clean white sheets on cold
winter nights - and i will stay bright full clean and pure and strong as the moon.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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