we who, to taunt death, swallowed snake venom in the promised land,
we who hallucinated freely sprawled out across each other,
who shivered naked together waiting for our hearts to catch fire,
who the sun stole up to the skies like the dew from the grass

who bound our bodies to an airship ever flying to the brink,
who floated down for weeks with only our breath breaking the silence
who found our voices and let them shine like rubies when we landed
whose bellies swelled and eyes swelled - full with wine and brilliance,

who vanished from cemetaries leaving only kisses and whispers,
who held our broken hearts in our mittens to press together,
who smoked as the snow fell and so quiet we could hear nothing else,

who spoke softer than that snowfall but loved it louder than st. francis,
who have screamed and trembled and cried and howled in ecstasy -
will carve the shape of one heart into the other's and swallow what spills.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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