they were glistening floating down from the ceiling making
small noises like like closed lips, sticky with sugar, opening
when they popped and i said oh, what's this and i said oh god
damn it is good to be here when the sunlight hits your face.

there were so many things to giggle about and we kept finding
more - i was shaking on the inside and it was all right - i could
feel my eyes filling with the beauty they witnessed and its
warmth trickled into my throat when i squeezed them shut.

those eyes had yet not seen wolves tearing into pink flesh with white teeth,
wolves who moved across their turf at dusk seeking out clear water,
with halos white-hot above their heads burning ancient ether,

who have wandered worn and yearning across the plains and the skies,
and who have revealed themselves as angels to those who have bared their throats -
my eyes had not yet seen them, but they would when i looked into yours.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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