death is a shady tree on a too bright day

when we were kids the blood came and went

when we asked for grocery money dad always said it was already spent

so we would leave and watch the fish

jump and dance

for the moon

small and,

far from home,

we taught ourselves to read

and taught ourselves to swear:

christ, christ. christ!

and taught ourselves to pray:

christ. christ. christ?

we had to teach each other how to write

when we were kids we tore all the caterpillars from their cocoons

time stood still as we pulled berries off branches with tight grips and our hands stained dark red

now times flows and we're standing calm

sun rises, eyes open, and we tell ourselves we feel better than we've felt

quietly, but our lips do move

so our hearts must be pumping (something)

no one has softer lips than me

no one has a softer heart than you

she wept and said

you can't make me cry again

i can't handle it

and i said i didn't mean

to make you cry

she said it's ok this time

i mean sad cry

then she wept more


i rubbed the tears into her

cheeks with my thumb

she said

please don't ever break my heart

and i said i think

i won't

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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