when the snow lands on my face

it melts and turns ugly

turns clear and

starts to look

just like me

the poison courses through my veins

as they start to weep and pray

as they carry it to my heart, my lungs, my brain

call me whore

you sound so california

here's a dance i've never danced for you before

in some pants i've never pantsed for you before

here's a story you've never heard before

when i was little

my mom would say go take a nap

you're grouchy

and i hated naps 'cause

it was time i couldn't spend

playing or reading or daydreaming

and i mostly never remembered

asleepdreaming and when i did

i didn't want to

and mostly i could never fall asleep anyway

but so my mom would come in

and check on me, though and

if i wasn't in bed sleeping

i'd get in some trouble

so one day i decided to fake

sleeping until my mom came in

then after that i could get up

and be a sneaky sneak and read

comics instead of napping

but, i didn't know what my face

did while i was sleeping so

i layed there with my eyes closed

with a huge goofy grin on my face

until my mom came in after

about probably a half hour and said

'what are you doing?'

and i said 'shhhh! i'm sleeping'

she said 'people don't sleep with

a ridiculous smiles like that on their faces. now get to sleep for real

you're grouchy today

i'll come back and check on you again

you better be sleeping'

'oh', i said

so then she left and i scrunched my

face up into the meanest angriest

frown i could muster,

cause i thought you know

do the opposite of the smile thing

and that might be more convincing

or something

so my mom came a while later and said

'now what are you doing'

and i said 'i'm sleeping!'

she said 'why are you scrunching

your face up like that?'

and i said 'well you said people don't smile while they're sleeping'

she sighed and told me i could get up

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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