she bit my shoulder

so i bit hers back hard

and she said ow fuck you

and i said you bit me first

'yeah but mine was out of love

your bite was out of revenge'

and i said really they're pretty

much the same feeling, mostly

when it comes down to it

she understood

said, 'yeah, i guess, mostly'

and it made me


big enough so that i'm sure

the wrinkles beside my eyes

got deeper

smile, because

i want to be loved by someone

who would wash my corpse

when i die

but not just wash it

that's not special

i've got lots of friends

in love like that

i want to be loved by someone

who would drink the water after

after bathing my corpse in it

(as i would drink the water

i bathed my love's corpse in)

as though it were holy

and it would be as holy

as the love

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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