today i was walking to the train station

after dropping my car off for a wheel alignment

and this man who was in his thirties and

probably 6'3" and kind of fat

stepped up beside me with a little

transistor radio in his right hand and said



'i love this station so much they play all the oldies it's my favourite station!'

'what station is it?'

'66 cfr'

'yeah, that's a good station'

and the light changes

and we start walking

surfin' safari comes on his radio

he starts singing all the super-high

harmonies so beautiful

it's amazing to hear it come out

of this big fat crazy man

then it's done and a commercial comes on

he's trying to shove his hands as far into his pockets as possible

'i should have worn my gloves it's cold out'

'yeah, it's terrible'

'tomorrow is supposed to be 11 degrees'

'that'll be nice, man'

'yeah, it's double digits!'

'uh huh'

'i just went to the washroomandi went up to the sinkandput my hand in my pocketandpulled it out full of beas and shoved them all in my mouth CHOMPCHOMPFFCHOMPchompCHOMPFFFF!"


'no! beans!'

'then i washed my hands and reach into my other pocket and pulled out another handful of beans and CHOMPCHOMPCHOMPCHOMPCHOMPPFFffffhaha'

'ha, you carry beans around in your pockets?'

'yeah, !JELLY!beans ahahhah i thought you would know that'

'nope, i just thought you were weird for a second and carried around normal beans in your pockets'

'nope they're jelly beans'

'jelly beans are delicious'

'oh that bus is the 20 it's what i usually take but i left my lunch on the train, so i'm going to get back on the train and see if i can find it'

'there's a lot of trains, man, you might have more luck if you call the offices or something'

'no, i remember which train it was'

'well, ok, then'

then of all the possibilities for this man's beautiful voice

the lion sleeps tonight come on his radio

and he gets excited!

'oh this song always makes me think of-'

'the lion king??!'

'yeah!! it's so good when they sing it and there's the babboon'

'yup it's great'

we're walking into the train station now

he's saying hi to everyone we pass

so i start saying hi to everyone too

then he comes in too soon on the really high soaring part of the song

and looks embarassed for a second

then goes

'oh it's now'

and gives his all for everyone waiting for the train

i'm feeling damn proud to have walked into the place with this guy

then a train shows up

that looks exactly like all the other trains

'oh, that's the train i left my lunch on!'

he starts running off



and my train pulls up and i get on without a ticket but i don't worry

facing north so i can only see what we've left

it all moves away fast

but the thick grey clouds

they stay

make the train ride seem long

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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