hold on to those lilacs while you wait for her; hold on to
the moonlight, the springtime, your memories; hold on while the
rain devotes itself to teaching your body about patience;
hold on to the stillness with wrinkled rose petal fingers when it stops;

when sun rises, hold on; when the sun sets, hold on;
do not worry about the flowers wilting; hold on, while
she breaks bread with trembling fingers;hold on, as she wipes the
sweat beading on her belly, smearing once perfect spheres against her flesh.

hold on;guide her on her way to everything loud and swirling;
hold on as you drown each other in dark wine; hold off the
morning and keep yourself from burning too brightly too soon

hold on to her feet and hands and swollen shadow as her
love flows; let go only as your hearts stop and your lungs give up;
when death finds you both worthy, let her last thoughts be of a hurricane.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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