i looked deep into your eyes and said 'well at least it's not
on my side of the bed,' like i always do, and wondered
if it would ever be less fun to fight about whose fault
it is that the sheets are soaked again, night after night, love.

but it will always be fun, and it will always be lovely
to fall asleep with your head resting on my chest with my
fingers tangled in your hair knowing that there could be a
sea between us and we wouldn't feel lonely, only longing.

we can whisper because nothing needs to be loud, we can
stay quiet because nothing needs saying, we can lay here
because nothing needs to happen but you and i knowing

each other and there's no trouble in that: our hearts are big like
the sky and open just as wide, and mine has had hurt and
at times has had nothing, but now it adores just your everything.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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