i hear a short yelp

and wonder if it was from me

i am on a train

sitting so i'm facing north, as always

this boy facing south two spots away

is dumping his girlfriend because

she has started to smoke crack

and he thinks she's going to start whoring

herself if she gets addicted

because he's seen it happen before

so he's not going to talk to her again

she keeps calling, though, all the time

it's a story he needs to yell

i have not slept

so i'm starting to have audio hallucinations

this old man voice telling me

he'd done nothing wrong

his body shouldn't have been treated like that

nobody cared that he was dead

nobody cared 'cause he was dead

i mouth the words

'i would cry for you, love'

and this asian girl looks at me

like i'm crazy

well no i just need to fall asleep

for a while

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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