well it was a long time ago,
back in hong kong,

my dad was working on the rigs,
he says. i was seven.
they rang the doorbell
in the middle of the night
and i ran downstairs
thinking it was some big secret, so
i was pretending to be a ninja
sneaking from spot to spot
and hiding in the shadows while
they explained to my mom what happened
and while she cried

i heard it all

i could understand
what they were saying
and what they meant
but not what it meant
it didn't sink in
i couldn't make sense of it
so i went back to bed
and my mom explained it to me
the next day
and it was the same as hearing it
the night before
and i didn't cry
not for years
not even at the funeral

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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