you worry that when those leaves fall off our tree, this world will
no longer belong to you and i, but the colours they're
turning are more beautiful than any green i've ever
seen, so look closely while they've still got some life left in them.

and catch as many as you can in your small fingers as they fall but
don't worry, 'cause this world doesn't mean anything to us - we are
simply sharing a dream and the belief that waking up before
we know what it means would be the worst mistake we could make.

so open your mouth and lose your breath i will be there when i
am all you have left - i will rest between your tired legs when
you have finished chasing the black oak leaves and the darkness

they hold in their veins - then open your mouth and find your breath
and the scent of the purple fountain grass as it dies
before the first snow falls and come close - we can slip away.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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