it's warm and wet

i pour vaseline intensive care moisturizing crystals slowly

until the bathwater exactly matches the hue of her eyes

neil young sung out about it

try to find the line yourself

i know that i hurt you

you know that i meant to

it's all over now but the crying

and the weeping

i've been standing up all day

but sitting's worse

my enemies always fall in love with me

it's been a terrible curse

claws would just get in the way of making a fist

i don't have deep thoughts and i'm not quick, but i know how

light works

i don't know how to play guitar, but i can make one sing

a memory dances like the paper-thin ghosts in the sky

when you look north on a clear night

another memory rests thick and still like her dry tongue in my mouth when she drank too much

to kiss but still we kissed

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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