my hero is a five year old boy with down syndrome:

theres was this show on the cbc once

where they did an experiment with little kids

like four or five

where everyone in this playschool type setting

was in on it except for one of the kids

everyone except the test subject knew

that they were going to send a toy robot into the room

and when it did they all had to act like they were terrified of it

and run away screaming

the teachers in the room acted afraid too

and they'd see how the kid who didn't know what was going on reacted

one test subject was a 'normal' kid

no disabilities or anything

and when he saw everyone else afraid of the robot, he was scared of it too

and jumped up on a table screaming and crying trying to get away from it

another test was with a kid with autism

who didn't even realise that everyone was afraid of the robot

and just walked right up to it and started inspecting

then there was a kid with down syndrome

and when he saw how terrified all the kids and the teachers were of this toy robot

he took a run at it from across the room

and booted it as hard as he could

across the room

then started marching around flexing his arms with his hands over his head

in like a he-man pose with a big smile on his face

because he knew he was the fucking hero who saved everyone from the robot that they were so afraid of

and it was so beautiful and courageous and he didn't hesitate for a second and he was so happy and proud after that everyone was safe and didn't have to be scared anymore

that little boy will always be my hero

jesus christ, charles bukowski, and bob dylan too

of course

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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