i got your mouth in my mouth and your hair in my mouth
your voice in my mouth and your flesh in and i'm still starving
i am teach you to burn your bread before it's buttered
and stay in bed until late afternoon

how to hold the sun down until you're ready to swallow
it through thick bottomed glasses stolen from the pub
how to laugh so that it hurts people, so that it takes all
goodness growing in their guts and spreads it thick on the floor

we will feast on it because we cannot feed each other
even though you are now taking wet red chunks from my
face with your shining teeth while my eyes open wide

with terror glistening like diamonds; there are animals
and we are animals who will later lick each other's wounds
before finding something stinking rotting in the sun to share

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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