i was a man

riding in a train

with tracks

that rose high above

a valley of tall green grass

turning yellow

as we moved fast i heard

that they wanted people

to build houses

down in that valley

because it was going to flood

but they thought

if there were people living there

god would let them be

i thought he wouldn't

even give them a chance

to give their goodbyes

unless they were good swimmers

before their lungs swelled up

with water swallowed down

the wrong tube while the

arms they held each other in

went limp as they sunk

then we got to the top of the mountain

we were going to ride down on bikes

and i heard this crying

and looked on the ground

where i found this translucent

boneless baby weeping

tiny enough to hold in a single hand

so i lifted it and ran

back to somewhere to try find someone to save it

stopping to show it to everyone

on the way

and they all thought it was dead

but you could hear it breathe

its black eyes looked dead, though

its body was soft, cloudy white and veinless

so i ran and ran and got to this nurse's station

and they took it from me

like you take a pretty, fragile ornament

away from a small child

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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