comfort me with apples and cake (because our love makes me
weak), and i will make deep creases in the smooth skin at the
tops of your cheeks, and we will smile while we pour milk on the
shredded wheat (with just a sprinkle of sugar) that we eat.

we are one cool drop of rain falling, we are one little
mustard seed held in a young leper's hand, we are one shout
for joy that's so long and loud that someone's face is turning
blue, and we are one piece of butter melting in a hot pan.

we choose the day before the night (because of its
smell, and not because of its light), but the silence when the sun
sets makes the decision tough, 'cause we both know there should be

nothing louder than our laughter, and nothing louder than the
wonderful words we whisper, and nothing louder than our lips
touching, as my god and your gods let us taste eternity.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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