i will have you. you will have me. it's that simple, so we
only need to act smart and we only need to know how
the blood pumps through our hearts, baby, and how good that warmth is
in this world made of salt water, cold stone and wet dirt.

this is a year to hold onto, because this is the year
that we'll laugh most together, like children who have yet to
hear all the punchlines to the best jokes, and this is the year
that the sun will shine down brightest on our two soft faces.

and when there's darkness, something like stars will be alive - (this is
the year of the firefly) - this is the year of the man with broken
hands, this is the year of falling on our asses trying to do

handstands - but he'll learn to paint with his toes and we'll learn
to balance in new ways this year while our voices betray
all our secrets (dream and intention, desire and belief).

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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