and a couple weeks ago a few of us did mushrooms

which is my favourite thing in the world

and i think everyone should do mushrooms

and just go outside and be in nature

it's sacred and holy

so beautiful

and i always have realizations that i can't explain after

and sound like a lot of bullshit if i do

but they stay true in my head

it's the language that fails, not the ideas

the plants come all alive and glowing and growing

the ground flows, this guy wearing camoflauge pants in the city

the pants flow into the ground

and it's pretty funny

everything is pretty funny

we bought a boombox from future shop

that we returned the next day

but at the time you know

it seems like you should always always

be caring a boombox everywhere you go

at all times because the sounds are so amazing

like cold crystals shattering in your ears

all night whenever i closed my eyes

i could see a bright green crystal bleeding light into dark grey glass

a conversation in a city we don't know at three a.m. like

"i'm glad we're going to the park you think exists and not the one i think exists"


"cause if there's no real park, it's your fault!"

"man, no, it's not, it's still your fault"

"well then we should be trying to go to my park if i have to take the blame"

"no my park's better"

"how so?"

"ummmmmm, there's........WATERFALLS!!!"

"dude, i would totally love some waterfalls right now"

"holy shit there's my park it exists"

"yeah but where's the waterfalls?"

"haha sorry"

but our voices sound so sweet and sugary

sound like the wind and music and steam escaping

then there's the stars and the grass and the trees and they're all so strange and fantastic

it sounds dumb and talking about drugs is boring but


after doing them i always feel ok

for a couple weeks

it's strange and i start to think it's normal

but then i go back to what's really normal for me

and it's so hard to want to do anything then

you know and always just when i start getting used to sleeping at night

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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