pressing my fist to my cheek and cracking my knuckles

searching my teeth for cavities with my tongue

pulling at the inch of fat on my belly

asking the cashier at the cheap theatre for two straws instead of one

cause two straws in an iced tea is my favourite luxurious waste

touching both the huge pimples on my throat at once

one with the index finger and one with the middle

they are painful to press

remembering the time when i was seven

and my best friend's parents had a fancy party

with lots of meats and buns and cheeses

we made sandwiches for each of us

using up all the meat and cheese for the whole party on two buns

and then spending forever forcing them into our mouths

rubbing the grease off the sides of my nose

scratching my head

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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