yeah and the other night

a bunch of us went to this small town bar

that my friend bartends at to visit him

and there was this kind of

short fat guy with a bright yellow

hawaiian shirt, yellow shorts, and

a terrible goatee on the dance floor

where there were at most three people

dancing at any one point during the


everyone i knew there was like

kirk, you have to check out this guy

his dancing is insane, he doesn't even

listen to the music he just does weird

sort of interpretive-dance-looking

arm movements and twirls and crouches

at random intervals and random speeds

it's ridiculous/hilarious.

so i watched him and realized

that it looked random but what he was

doing was listening for certain important

notes or lyrics or volume changes

and when one happened it would be like

it moved one part of him

and that movement would cause a chain

reaction through the rest of his body

that would make him move around in strange ways

related only to that one sound and how it moved him in the first place

so he would keep going with that momentum, oblivious to what the rest of the song was doing until another single note or moment of the song struck him again

it would change everything

and when i realized that was what he was doing

it seemed less ridiculous/hilarious and more beautiful instead

some fat dude wiggling his body and waving his arms around on a dance floor became

like japanese cherry trees weeping pink petals into the breeze

and as the sun set, the petals glowed orange red

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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