From my map of Europa che you are only an island but i've tracked them down and rounded them up and we've got lines of ancestry slid in the carcasses and ropes knotted strung together like constellations. i try not to do this but i'll write it for you here:

from what i remember:

liam crawls out the sewage pipe to the street to be greeted by the gun of inspector javert who takes him to the river. liam is in handcuffs. javert takes them off and puts them on himself. he says to laim:

"for my whole life i've tried to be what i've considered a good man. a law abiding citizen. i've never broken a rule in my life."

and then javert with the handcuffs locked on his wrists stands on the edge of the river and falls backwards drowning himself.

i feel like malcom x returning to america after witnessing men of the whitest of skin and the bluest of eyes pray to his same god.

this is how buddha felt before his last game of dodge ball.

my friend, you have been a great source for me...

through an electric media finding holiness and truth in these times of disinformation and miseducation of the americano.

they say that spain never made it to the moon, but they bravely walk the earth. yesterday a girl from spain told me in broken english that only a select few actually support bullfighting. a majority of the people find it disgusting.

find truth in these knotted ropes and we will ignite the night sky.

God be with you...

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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